Code of practice

I'm aware of the marginalization of culture, races and gender in the conventional world. My motivation is to produce qualified content to stimulate the wealth of each living being. I produce artistic projects which engage sustainability, social inclusion in their whole art form's concept, formal technical approaches, aesthetic and production. I respect the diversity of culture, gender, races and aesthetics not just on my works, but mostly in my life as a neighbor, partner, friend or colleague.

Play fair.

Using Music Platforms that

Streaming services is the new revolution at the music market. The pay roll system works pretty well for the listeners, meanwhile in the other hand, it is not fair with their workers (musicians). There has been new initiatives that aim to improve label conditions to musicians . Make sure to join this movement listening and practicing my projects according to fair work -label music platforms (Resonate, Donne, Patchamama music ) and check out my innovation's projects for more solutions.

C.A.R.E.S music production

Most of productions and platforms aren't still aware their amount of impact through CO2 emissions . According to this research, It is more than never important to emphasize this issue in music industry.

Rewriting Criterias for Equality & Diversity

Most of our systems still based their judgment in quality. However, The new criteria of Art councils and funding applications are aware that this procedure doesn't contribute for equality and diversity in the culture activities of its cities. Therefore, their criteria to grant artists and their organizations are related to:

Sustainability Social Impact Education Collaboration Diversity

Reevaluating the Virtuoso education system

During the intensive years of musical education, I’ve been learning how destructive our causal stress and our industry is to ourselves, making us to become slave of unreal systems. For a musician practitioner, It’s very ingrained in our culture that we have to work/practice a minimum of forty hours a week to overcome success and happiness. And the music industry is an area which can really invest on this false statement. Combined with mainly ethical problems of technology, it can really become an impressive harmful tool on its practitioner.

Music practice is highly affected by your wealth integration and life balance. With the help of great instructors & guiders*, I decided to not be an instrument of my own instrument and turn its vision to the biggest joy of a musical experience: freedom & creativity. The creation of this designed instrument of this project is dedicated to the life of who is playing and listening it. I hope you discover a new way of music creation without stress & insurance but with integration between your soul (atman), body and instrument.

Small factoids, big changes

10% of my income (performances, artworks and workshops are donate to ONGS for the sustainability in Brazil and worldwide (IPAM & Rain forest foundation)

90% of the energy that I use is renewable

I am vegan and organic eater for more than 10 years :)