In the beginning of the academic year from 2020, the photographer Suzette Bousema has invited me to collaborate on her multidisciplinary project: Super organism. This was a project about the importance of micro fungal networks and the impact of deforestation. Suzette counted with the expertise of 3 scientists and 2 interdisciplinary artists. In our collaboration I created an album with some tracks for her exposition and we explored the design of Knurl with a biodegradable and compostable material. A video clip of this project is available at the youtube channel.

After this collaboration I kept exploring biodegradable solutions for acoustic solutions with recycled materials and degredable fibers produced by Reflow.

Tracks - Funghis:

Xanthoria 04:27

Mycorrhiza 01:30

Polyporus squamosus 01:04

Morchella conica 03:20

Dung Canon 03:20

Exidia Glandulosa 03:20

Panellus stipticus 01:26


Suzette Bousema

This project is achieved in collaboration with soil scientist Nadia Soudzilovskaia (LU) and her PhD students Riccardo Mancinelli, Weilin Huang & Chenguang Gao. The project is supported by MIAP Foundation and Mondriaan Fonds.