Soundtrack for the short film of Rodrigo Freitas

For Knurl or cello octect

A soundtrack for cello octet. Thelema is a film produced by Rodrigo Freitas in the surrounding in the city I was borned in Brazil, Curitiba.

Program note

About the soundtrack

THELEMA soundtrack is a live composition made for Knurl, but it also has an expanded version for 8 cellos output. This work reinvents some formats conditioned for music for film and it is influenced by experimental brazilian music.

About the film

Transformed by the revolting tides of anguish, a man visits his memories in a dialogue prior to his death. He returns to the homeland, but he also returns to the intimate side of the subject, on a physical, but also a spiritual journey in an historical time and space, where the search for death merges with the search for self and its resurgence. As a harmonious part of nature, a simple and solitary man decides to die in the middle of it, finding in its greatness the purpose of life. The beginning, which is actively a denial of living, becomes the celebration of death, the climax of the human encounter with the land from which it originated in the complexity of the eternal return as a bridge to the resurrection and the divine experience.

About the project

'Thelema is a live performing film exhibition with its soundtrack performed live. It was conceived and shot as a long film in a stereoscope format to be performed with a hybrid instrument: Knurl. This Hybrid Multimedia Art is made by Rodrigo Freitas (direction), Rafaele Andrade (composer and performer) and Ludmila Rodrigues (Scenography) and performed at Celestial Vault, in The Hague.

THELEMA (Official teaser)