Knurl quartet

Intelligent instruments are usually designed to become a ‘multiband’ instrument, but what happens when we have multiple of them? Which roles does a musician or its instrument receives when part of a group? Would they communicate with each other or even help the musician to receive information about the other performers' corporeality? 

Knurl quartet is a residency between 4 cellists in collaboration with Gaudeamus and Instrument inventors initiative. For the course of a year, each cellist will receive an instrument called Knurl to rediscover their music practice in a unique combination with the new possibilites for electroacoustic music.

Photo credits: Suzette Bousema

This experience will result in a collaboration composition and body performance exploring space, body and instrumental connection between a quartet of Knurls players and Bjarte Wildeman. 

The cellists selected for this open call and residency were: Katerina Papakostaki (GRE), Jan Willem Troost (NE), Lucija Gregov (CRO) and Rafaele Andrade (BRA)

Instrumentation: 4 Knurls

Keywords: space, body connection, collective participation, corporeality