Knurl quartet

Knurl Quartet, an art science music ensemble, explores the potential of Knurl, a 3D-printed instrument developed to evolve the control of live sound composition, allowed by the crossover of various disciplines including 3D printing, creative programming, acoustics, & sound performance.

We are formed by Jan Willem Troost (NL), Katerina Papakostaki (GRE), Rafaele Andrade (BR) and Lucija Gregov (CRO)

Photo credits: Suzette Bousema

This experience will result in a collaboration composition and body performance exploring space, body and instrumental connection between a quartet of Knurls players and Bjarte Wildeman. 

The cellists selected for this open call and residency were: Katerina Papakostaki (GRE), Jan Willem Troost (NE), Lucija Gregov (CRO) and Rafaele Andrade (BRA)

Instrumentation: 4 Knurls

Keywords: space, body connection, collective participation, corporeality