3D Printing

(FDM mostly)

For the course of centuries, the work of makers and industries became essential for any person´s life due the high amount of quality and precision that each mechanism and labour involved. It can’t be accomplished by only one person in one single space. Nowadays, in the global scenario this relationship has been quantized on a world wide scale: we are all dependent on so many products from companies in China, Brazil, India, for a variety of small devices such as parts of smartphones or rosins. It is difficult to imagine a future where each community of people could be completely independent from each other without supplies and technologies of their neighbors. And why should someone imagine such a thing?

With the 3D printing revolution in the past 20 years, the relationship between makers and testers has become narrower, allowing people to rediscover design by rapid prototyping. Testing cycles of production has become faster and more effective by a small amount of production and effort. Making became more accessible and dynamic, allowing consumers to assemble, maintain and reiterate its own products. I started to wonder what is the impact of this type of relationship into the music industry.

Since design is the process I choose for redefining artistic expression, I have been working with the concept of testing cycles, where I analyze, design, apply and test prototypes improving each iteration with the help of 3D Printing machines and open source softwares for design. Testing cycles are a method of design to iterate your prototypes by experiencing multiple times a cycle between conceptualization, planning, making, testing and analyzing.

3D printing has definetly changed the way I interact with the world. What about you? Are you ready to become the maker of your ideas? :)