Music composition

My process of music composition has involved into a research of techniques, its expression and inovative development of classical instruments and sound generation. The more I learn, practice and get invovle into projects and collaborations, sound becomes an interdisciplinary study by itself.

As a composer, I like to integrate into music practice sonic cognitive aspects, resignification, morphological references and also innovative ways of artistic expression involving technology. I like to collaborate with multiple areas and contents and to learn to adapt my ideas into the project's ideal.

The more my career grows, the more I reflect about my role as musicianm, by turning my practice as a composer and cellist into a process that shares a positive impact to me and to my audience. The role of my artworks intends to invoke the power of thought by abstraction. Advocating a composer role in society, I became extremely engaged to show up my concern about global , ambiental and social issues into music industry. Through internal interactions of elements of sound, my works could be represented as a call as well, as a variety of speeches.

Below you may request commission or navigate through the catalogue, selecting artworks per year or genre.