composing Digital Analogue INputs

This duo project explores the physical and abstracted combination between the analogue and digital worlds of sound technology. A programmable augmented instrument meets the infinite possibilities of the digital sound and visual manipulation on the computer. A duo composed by Rafaele Andrade(Brazil) and Sebastian Pappalardo (Argentina) will produce musical structures that will be manipulated using their self-built, programmed musical instruments and combining a natural flow of exchange sound energy source, where time is equally approached as an entity of digital space and also as a physical realization. This temporal experience is unique and remarkable, we'll approach it and invite the public to perceive it in our performance of Coding Digital & Analogue inputs.

Key-words : live code performance, coding analogue music live, multidisciplinary approaches, Live Coding and Open Source Culture, Aesthetics, Inclusion/Equity, Cultural Processes,Phenomenology Of Live Code, Philosophy of Code and Computation ,Live Coding Maker Movement, Experience Design,Visualising Live Process.