During my lectures and classes, I find it important that the students feel free to share their opinions and feedback. I believe that respect is the basis of any group who wants to grow together. Knowing also that, "To study is a voluntereeing act" (Paraphrasing Seth Godin), I prepare classes mostly involving activites that encourage students to find their own paths and qualities along the way, always in an equal relevance between theory and practical activities. I like to stimulate creative thinking and accommodates this by involving current topics that our world is facing. My goal is to offer a good and meaningful experience for her student’s self-development.

Bellow you will find a list of electives and workshops that have/are been/ being prepared and produced:

3D Modelling

iii, 2022

Sustainable 3D Printing

iii, 2021

Experimental instrument design

TUDelft, 2022

Design a reprogrammable instrument

Gaudeamus, 2020

The practice of diverse voice control

Brazil, 2023

Interactive sound

.. , 2023