Composer, Instrument maker, programmer and cellist

Rafaele Andrade [Brazil, 1994] is a music pioneer in the field of applied experimental music.

With a background in Conducting, Composition, Production, Cello, Programming, 3D printing and Sonology, she develops artworks merging these crossovers into innovative practices with technology, social inclusion, sustainability & fair music distribution. Rafaele has a passion for social initiatives, producing during her young career an orchestra of Brazilian music at 17 years old and at 22, curating a UNESCO project to promote Latin American women composers (Rádio Delas). She is a member of Netherlands coding Live (Netherlands), Instrument inventors initiative (Netherlands) and the creator of Knurl, a reconfiguration of a classic/baroque cello format into a interactive interface that share control of the artistic experience between audience and performer.

She is currently living in the Hague, The Netherlands.

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Code of Practice

I'm aware of the marginalization of culture, races and gender in the conventional world. My motivation is to produce qualified content to stimulate the wealth of each living being. I produce artistic projects which engage sustainability, social inclusion in their whole art form's concept, formal technical approaches, aesthetic and production. I respect the diversity of culture, gender, races and aesthetics not just on my works, but mostly in my life as a neighbor, partner, friend or colleague.