music composer - producer - sound design - performance  - instrument and interfaces

Rafaele Andrade [Curitiba - Brazil, 1994] is a composer, improviser and cellist in the field of classic, pop and experimental music and interdisciplinary practice. 

She designed her own string-based instrument, Knurl, and has performed across Latin America and Europe in venues such as Royal Theater Carré (NE), Chigiana Music Festival (IT), Morphine records (DE), Gaudeamus (NL). Her artistic practice has focused on finding a sense of momentum-craftsmanship for music composition and artistic identity through the creation of her own instrument and artistic practice based on a cello, while working on projects and artwork that reveal social transformation and environmental awareness. 

She is a member of Netherlands coding Live (NL),  iii workspace ( NL), núcleo de composição musical (BR) and research associate at the intelligent instruments lab (IS). 

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