Rafaele Andrade [Curitiba - Brazil, 1994] is a composer, instrument maker, and cellist currently based in the Netherlands. With a diverse background spanning Composition, Conducting, Sonology, and creative programming, Rafaele's artistic journey is a fusion of innovation and exploration.

Rafaele's passion for music composition and performance led her to develop her own string-based instrument, Knurl. Through Knurl, she has performed at prestigious venues across Latin America and Europe (Brazil, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, Paraguay, Argentina, Spain, Estonia).

At the heart of Rafaele's artistic philosophy lies a commitment to momentum-craftsmanship for artistic performances: She views music and artistic composition as iterative prototypes, constantly evolving and testing new boundaries. Her improvisational prowess serves as a laboratory of ideas, cultivating a distinct artistic identity and driving innovation. Through her creations, Rafaele seeks to address pressing social and environmental issues, fostering meaningful dialogue and catalyzing positive change.

Rafaele's contributions encompass reflection and exploration of technological advancements and innovative audience engagement strategies. Her involvement in professional affiliations like Netherlands Coding Live and iii workspace underscores her dedication to fostering innovation and collaborative exploration within the realm of music and technology.

With a keen focus on sustainability, creative programming, public engagement, internationalization, and design thinking, Rafaele's artistic journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and driving positive change in society.

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