Knurl is a music instrument made with 3d printing technology and Biodegradable material. Its electronic system is made with creative programming for live music performances. It is made by the composer and cellist Rafaele Andrade and inspired by an acoustic cello.  Comprising 16 cello strings representing a circle of 5th*s, the instrument employs sensors on its strings and rotation for its actions, dynamically remapped its actions by the live performer. Consequently, a touch on any string can evoke specific sounds, pauses, arrangements, or parameter adjustments, forging an immersive musical interaction. 

Knurl embodies the fusion of art, science, and technology, offering a different approach to music instrument design and its practice. Inspired by knurling, a process that enhances rotation as a metaphor for circularity, Knurl emphasizes the collaboration between sustainable and socio design technologies and the needs of artistic productions and its performers. This project explores a new era of musical exploration, facilitated by sustainable materials, creating self customization, sound design ownership and innovative design thinking in music practice.

Knurl can be considered: 

Sensor-based string instrument:

The strings become a trigger to play, stop, plan or set controllers for sound

Multi-voice control interface:

The ability to control multiple voices determining different ways to control its sounds with for example, its bow, machine listening algorithms, with the turning movement, with counterpoint, you name it! 

Semi-Autonomous instrument:

The ability to cooperate with its context and readapt into its boundaries 

To read the complete story of this project and research, feel welcome to read my master research available at Research catalogue Knurl is also a platform, access here . Releasing Soon, a manual of Knurl at gitbook!