Knurl bow

In addition to the several sound controllers that Knurl is able to manipulate live, the Knurl bow was created to control the parameters of the triggered sounds with the movement of the performer right hand. This instrument-interface was based on the research of Andi Otto: the fello. This bow transcends its conventional role, becoming an intermediary between artist and instrument. By seamlessly integrating an accelerometer sensor, it discerns the subtlest movements and gestures of the performer's hand, offering a dynamic means of musical expression.

As the bow glides across strings, the sensor decode the performer's intent, translating the nuances of pressure, speed, and angle into a rich tapestry of sound. Each stroke becomes an intricate conversation, as the bow captures the artist's emotional nuances and transforms them into music. This symbiotic relationship between musician and sensor-equipped bow unlocks a world of creativity, enabling the exploration of uncharted sonic territories. This technological marvel preserves the essence of artistic craftsmanship while inviting a harmonious synergy between the performer's intentions and the instrument's responsive voice.