solo performance with Knurl and voice

"Tropicos" is a multicultural music project by Rafaele Andrade that delves into the intricate dynamics of virtual relationships, whether with another country, a different nation, an ideology, or even with our own relatives. Inspired by the research "Tropical design" by Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa, the project explores how the world is increasingly shaped not only by physical and geographical connections but also by virtual ones, including societal conditions, standards, and hierarchies.

In this captivating performance, Andrade showcases the profound impact of these connections through her self-made instrument, Knurl, playing it throughout extended song formats. Sung in four languages (Dutch, Portuguese, English, and Spanish), the songs serve as a conduit for intimate personal stories of digital cultures intricately woven into themes such as work labor, transportation, aesthetics, social media and cultural appropriation.

The essence of "Tropicos" lies in Andrade's personal journey of internationalization, born and raised in Brazil yet residing in Europe for the past six years. Through this project, she offers a dynamic artistic exploration of cultural diversity, featuring poignant anecdotes from her own family, reflections on intimacy, innovative musical techniques, and an ongoing discourse on postcolonialism in today's interconnected world.

You can watch a live performance of every song here:

I.   Inae   (PT/NL)

About Work labour

II.  Tropicos  (PT/EN)

About the construction of aesthetics 

III.  Tiete  (PT/EN)

About transport system

IV. Piedra por piedra  (ES/EN)

About consumism

V. Indio Branco (PT/ES)  - video soon!

About cultural appropriation

VI. Social connection (PT/EN/NL/ES)  - video soon!

About social media