Super organism is an interdisciplinary master project by Suzette Bousema about the importance of micro fungal networks and the impact of deforestation. She has combined different outcomes, collaborations and projects in order to produce a whole multi sensorial exhibition with visual art, smell and sound. I collaborated on this project creating the album "Super organism" to be reproduced at her exhibition. Sidewise, we have performed together with the instrument used for this music production, the visual art from Suzette and the perfume of the perfume maker (Merle Bergers).

Weaved tapstry, 170 x 177 cm, Super Organism, Suzette Bousema, 2021.

This project is achieved in collaboration with Suzette Bousema, the soil scientist Nadia Soudzilovskaia (LU) and her PhD students Riccardo Mancinelli, Weilin Huang & Chenguang Gao. The project is supported by MIAP Foundation and Mondriaan Fonds.